Agreement: Cirion & Streetwifi

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Ciron and Streetwifi. This partnership, which will be based in Brazil, marks the start of a new era of collaboration and will enable the companies to jointly explore and develop new business opportunities. By combining our strengths and expertise, we aim to deliver innovative and impactful solutions to our customers in Latin America. Stay tuned for more updates and developments from this exciting partnership!

This action strengthens our teams and helps us broaden our horizons and combine forces to develop new quality-oriented products and the quality of service for our customers throughout Latin America.

Adrián Carbonetti, Streetwifi.

Network intelligence and analytics

At a time when internet access is increasingly perceived as a basic utility—on par with necessities such as water and electricity—the commercial market has failed to bring broadband to low-income, urban communities on a global scale and in particular in the Latam/Africa region.

Streetwifi platform is a great step towards closing this gap, even on not leading edge networks and many times onto legacy WIFI routers and not on latest technology. But those are the stakes in this region: Poor technology that will take many years to renew and millions of under communicated. StreetWIFI has overcome most of technological challenges but in the path along the way a rather more “human” challenge came across and needed to be addressed.